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ethical apparel for the conscious consumer. Proudly Made in Canada since 2006


Our Materials

There is no fabric that is 100% zero impact . All fabrics require water, energy and in some cases chemicals to produce. We have carefully curated our supply to ensure minimal environmental impact. 

Certified Organic Cotton is grown without the use of  pesticides or herbicides. In essence this means that it is grown and produced in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on the planet. Organic growers are also invested in systems that replenish and maintain soil health and fertility. As a result, farm workers, textile workers and ecosystems are not exposed to toxic herbicides and pesticides.

It is estimated that each year conventional cotton producers use as much as 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and approximately 10-15 percent of the global pesticides. We are doing our part to keep these chemicals out of the ecosystem, and you can too by buying organic.

Viscose from Bamboo is a silky-soft fabric made from cellulose derived from the Bamboo plant. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable crop. It requires less water than cotton, grows in a vast variety of bio-regions, grows quickly, and produces yields of up to 60 tonnes per hectare - compared with cotton yields of approximately 2 tonnes per hectare. The bamboo used in our fabric has been produced via a process that uses a Closed Loop System - reducing the environmental impact of the textile production process immensely . We made the switch to 100% Closed Loop in 2016 and while it did increase our costs by approximately 25% it was in keeping with our overall mission. 

Hemp - Hemp is produced from a variety of the Cannabis Plant. It is one of society's  most ancient cultivars, with a history extending back some 10,000 years. Hemp is a fast growing plant that does not require pesticides to prosper. It is known for it's strength, durability and low impact on the planet. We generally use Hemp in blends with Certified Organic Cotton 

Dyes and Printing Inks - all of our fabrics are dyed with high-quality  fiber-reactive dyes , which are among the least polluting dyes available. Please note that all immersion dyes do create some effluent and some pollution. We have worked with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified facilities exclusively to ensure the lowest level of pollution possible. We also use water-based , non-toxic screen printing inks for all of our hand-prints .

If you have a specific question about any part of our process, please get in touch by email. Click the envelope in the top right corner . We are happy to help.